AcadeCalc for Android


  • 5 Views: Simple, Standard, Scientific, Logic, Full
  • Large buttons for any device, portrait + landsc.
  • Additional scrollable views, even bigger buttons
  • Colored functional key blocks

  • Powers, roots, exponential functions
  • Logarithms, trigonometric functions
  • Combinations and permutations
  • Prime numbers and factorization
  • Hex/octal/binary number systems
  • Logical operators
  • Hierarchical operator priorities
  • 10 Memory registers
  • Float and fixed-point modes
  • Celsius / Fahrenheit conversion

  • Copy / paste display to / from clipboard
  • Save / restore preferences / session state
  • Option menu for special settings
  • Help mode (text for each button)

  • No special permissions required
  • No advertisements
Will be maintained and extended. Proposals welcome!

Hints for using AcadeCalc


Versions / Modification History:

v1.4	30-NOV-2012

	Added German language support
	Toggle language in settings menu
	Occasional decimal comma replaced by dot
	Added conversions mi/gal <==> l/100km

v1.3	23-NOV-2012

	Added help mode (text for each button)
	Units conversion in extra submenu
	Added "Settings" submenu
	Added "About" information

v1.2	13-NOV-2012

	More views for small devices
	Improved button symbols

v1.1	19-OCT-2012

	Alternate views, scrollable
	Bigger buttons, improved spacing
	Save / restore preferences / state
	Copy / paste display / clipboard
	Added option menu
	Invertable display line colors
	Rotate & fix view by option
	Auto-rotate (end of fixed view)
	Logic field optional

v1.0	10-OCT-2012

	Initial release



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