AcadePlay for Android


  • Easy to use music and video player
  • Audio recorder (stereo microphones)
  • Plays files, directories and playlists

  • No annoying filesystem indexing
  • No wakelock that empties battery
  • No advertisements

  • Supports (if codec available on device)
  • Plays M3U and M3U8 (UTF-8) playlists
  • Plays whole subdirectory trees

  • Pauses on incoming phone calls
  • Pauses / Restarts on headphones change
  • Locks landscape at full screen videos

  • Browser to select files and directories
  • Smart browser mode (relevant entries only)
  • Slider for current track positioning
  • ID3 tag evaluation for display line
  • Optionally records high quality stereo
    (if available on device)
The only required permissions:
  • Read phone state to pause at calls
  • Record audio from microphone
  • Write recording to storage
  • Read media files from storage
Designed for my own purposes and for those,
who prefer bright colors over boring shades of gray.

Will be maintained and extended. Proposals welcome!

Hints for using AcadePlay


Versions / Modification History:

v2.1	02-FEB-2013

	Include playlists in directory / tree adds
	Positioning to directory / playlist starts
	Improved performance with large playlists
	Optionally unlimited playlist (>10000 tracks)
	Optionally autoscroll playlist on shuffle
	Scroll to 1st/last track (long clicks)

v2.0	18-JAN-2013

	Video player added
	Optionally read .m3u files as UTF-8
	Add single files of any extension (long click)
	Forw / Back support long click (+/- 60 sec)
	No status bar in landscape orientation
	Restore "About" view's position on reorientation
	Next/previous/shuffle skips invalid tracks
	Pause/Unpause on earplugs change and phone calls
	Completely pause player on finishing

v1.3	07-JAN-2013

	Slider click sets position / starts playing
	Back/Forw start playing, if paused/stopped
	Added field for track number / total tracks
	Added field for track position / duration
	Added extensions .3ga .3gpp .m4a .webm .mkv
	Added .flv .avi .wmv .wma, device-dependent
	Show ID3 artist + title in text display
	Optional long ID3 info (+ year + album)
	New Loop/Shuffle buttons, indicating state
	Click track# field: Scroll to current track
	Restore playlist position in any situation
	Welcome message at first start
	Added record feature, high quality stereo

v1.2	31-DEC-2012

	Track position slider
	Long click adds directory directly
	Directory tree walking test
	No walk in /mnt/sdcard/Android
	Canonicalized paths

v1.1	21-DEC-2012

	Support .m3u and .m3u8 playlists
	Add whole subdirectory trees
	Smart browser mode
	Play now mode
	Autostart playing in browser
	Set home directory
	Settings option "Confirm 'New'"
	Toggle current track display line
	Improved track names
	Case-insensitive sorting
	Acade icon with red background

v1.0	14-DEC-2012

	Initial release



You are free to use, copy and distribute this program for any use.
No fees may be charged for any purpose concerning this software.

Acade disclaims all warranties as to this software, whether express
or implied, including without limitation any implied warranties of
merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose or functionality.

Any responsibility for any damages (including consequential ones)
caused directly or by reliance on this program is denied.

Though every effort is made to ensure the correct operation and
accuracy of this software, the author can not preclude possible
errors and can not be held responsible for resulting damages.

Using this program is an acknowledgement of these conditions.

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