AcadeRC Receiver Control

(Description of 04-NOV-2018)

Multifunctional TAP:

	* File browser (clear, fast, comprehensive)
	* Text viewer (text, HTML and PDF files, hex dumps, codecs)
	* Image viewer (displays BMP, GIF, PNG and JPG files)
	* Web browser (HTTP[S] downloads + display with hyperlinks)
	* Line editor (text files, URLs etc., input like SMS)
	* Music player (plays directories and playlists, shows lyrics)
	* Simple 20/24-lines EPG (no timers, no database)

	* Toppy usage statistics (switch, time and keys statistics)
	* System informations (hardware / software / resources)
	* Harddisk informations (SMART values etc.)
	* Topfield forum infos (users online etc.)
	* Calender with overview of 4 months at a time
	* Simple calculator for 4 basic operations

	* Cut ends of TV recordings (incl. .nav/.inf correction)
	* Screenshots of TV, MP4 etc., videotext and TAP windows
	* Reconstruction of .inf files from .rec streams content
	* Shell scripts execution /w output viewing,
	* Copying of files and directory trees in the background
	* Disable or remap key codes (even sub-/state-dependent)
	* Remote Control Interception for Topfield RC units

	  (This TAP enables you to continue to use your old or new
	   Topfield remote control unit on other Topfield receivers,
	   even several of them simultaneously, with all available keys.)

	NOTE: The TAP was actually intended for PVRs sold in Germany.
	But as many times tested, it also works on Australian models
	(see forum there). Remote control interception works at least with
	old RCUs (e.g. TP006 of 5000 series and other Mode 4 RCUs).


Content ------- Downloads & Links Version History What is AcadeRC able to do? Installation Operation TAP Windows TAP Menu Line Editor File Browser Text Viewer Image Viewer Web Browser Music Player Simple EPG Usage Statistics System Informations Harddisk Informations Key Statistics Forum Infos Calender Calculator Trim Recordings Screenshot Function Shell Scripts Keycode Remapping Remote Control Interception Troubleshooting Final Remarks
Downloads & Links ----------------- DOC: PDF: TXT: ZIP: with: 000_acaderc_tms.tap (last TMS version) acaderc_en.txt (English docu) acaderc.txt (German docu) acaderc*.jpg (screen shots) acade_*.mips (image backends) (last tiny and 5K version) TAPtoDate: New Australia Forum: Old Australia Forum: German Forum:
Version History --------------- v4.91 26. 1.2018 Download online infos from by HTTPS No members list anymore (auth. login required) Show orphaned .inf/.nav files in file browser Location mode in menu (IP or user defined position) IP location update only initial and on menu request City stored in .pos & prepended to location strings v4.90 19.11.2017 Retrieval of Australian "Forum Infos" per HTTPS ( Retrieval of German "Forum Infos" from new board ( v4.89 10. 8.2017 Startup channel, even radio (as 1st AutoStart TAP) Startup muted or paused (as 1st AutoStart TAP) New: Menu option "Logging" for DEBUG LOG_PRINTs New: Menu option "TAP+Stop" (inactive by dflt.) TAP key + "Stop" terminates TAPs [and powers off] PVRs may now be powered off at least by Select ID Mode RC=6000 (for using TF 6000 PVR RCUs on SRPs) TF=CRP (was not possible before except initially) HDD infos also available in menu F1 2x < 0.5" marks all files, if none was before v4.88 12. 6.2017 Dynamic update list (to download auxiliary scripts) Execute AcadeRC/ at TAP exit (if present) Replay .mkv containers (if codecs accepted) Replay .mp2 and .ac3 files (if profile accepted) Display XML files as HTML documents v4.87 26. 5.2017 Download rectool.mips auxiliary program via update function Get live and .rec EPG info via rectool ("Slow" in browser) Reconstruct .inf from .rec via rectool (TAP key + "Slow") Convert TAP key + "Pause" into "VFormat" key now (changed) Show itemized extended text pairs in detailed EPG info v4.86 24. 3.2017 Detailed key statistics (3 views) Improved trimming behaviour (status messages) Search EPG sub-/title in AcadeRC.files (undocumented) Files with >= 4 consecutive 0xff are considered binary v4.85 6. 2.2017 Recursive directory tree listing / directory added to PVR top level File extension filter excludes .bak and .db3 Display infos of HD .rec files modified by rectool v4.84 26. 1.2017 Playback HD .rec files without .nav with pausing etc. Copy files and directory trees in the background Delete directories recursively (Caution!) Harddisk partitions infos, even for USB devices Topfield forum infos (users online etc.) v4.83 20. 1.2017 Playback any TS stream, regardless of file extension Play .mpeg and .vob files (like .mpg and .avi) Show 5K .rec details (times, titles, EPG infos) New: HDD infos also available for 2nd (eSATA) disk Fix: Codecs error message, if backend program missing Pause key pauses PVR within AcadeRC windows Convert TAP key + "Slow" into "VF" key (TP006 lacks it) File browser direct key default changed to "Ok" Infos & Tools direct key default changed to "Subtitle" v4.82 14. 1.2017 New: Playback 5K recording (file is modified) New: Playback .rec and .ts files without .inf (not needed) v4.81 10. 1.2017 New: HDD infos (SMART etc.) in Infos & Tools Fix: JPGs > 2400 pixels had bad aspect ratio v4.80 16.12.2016 EPG: Record key starts instant recording Fix: Large JPGs freeze SRP 2410 Fix: Reboot at playing overlapping recordings v4.62 8.12.2016 Added: Playmode conditions for keycode conversion EPG: Teletext toggles new timers view EPG: Mark set timers in brown color v4.61 30.11.2016 EPG Programmes: Subt toggles channels / this new view EPG Channels: Mark channels on same transponder blue Fix: Reboots on 2100 in /DataFiles, if recording New statistics in Infos & Tools (EPG, Trim, Capture) v4.60 24.11.2016 Simple EPG, callable by TAP key + Guide or by browser Change: Set HOME directory with TAP key + F1 now F1 multi-selects files / directories for moving v4.50 18.11.2016 General line input (with permanent histories) to: Rename files and directories (>|< and White key) Search entry in file browser (Sat key [2x]) Search string in text viewer (Sat key [2x], >|<) Edit mode for text documents (Ok in viewer) Enter link (URL) for webpage (AR in viewer) Lookup Wikipedia or Startpage (Aux/M/TvSat) v4.44 12.11.2016 Text viewer shows textual parts of PDF files v4.43 8.11.2016 Convert TAP key + "Play" into "Fav" (TP501 lacks it) Max. files/dir. and lines/text configurable in menu Sorting and MP3 mode configurable in menu Menu improved (2 columns, help text and key icons) Delete bookmark hyperlink lines (F4 in viewer) Extract HTML "TITLE" for bookmarks designation Show MP3 info again with Info, lyrics with Teletext Show symlink path in file info box, if available v4.42 4.11.2016 Create playlist from all subdirectories Go to /PlayList, if a new playlist was created Remove leading nn. from playlist titles Shuffle and repeat modes to disable or remap key codes v4.41 31.10.2016 Improvements for easier useability, more help Browser direct key default changed to "Filelist" Menu and Infos & Tools callable from browser Key help in Infos & Tools and Calendar Version number in most headlines Screenshots of keycodes screen possible v4.40 27.10.2016 New: Music player (integrated in file browser) Download & view MP3 lyrics (independent of player) Play complete .mp3 directories (with navigation) Play .m3u/.pls playlists (with relative .mp3 paths) Generate symlinks for playlist files in /PlayList New: Direct keys 4..9 for important directories Backup files for AcadeRC.ini and AcadeRC.dat v4.32 11.10.2016 Show .rec and media files' streams/codecs info Fix: Infobox nesting could yield PANIC message Fix: Yellow replay color only for unique files v4.31 8.10.2016 New: Sorting by date in both directions selectable New: Full size windows' headline color schemes Fix: Fast replay stuttering after trim to begin v4.30 6.10.2016 Cut ends of TV recordings (incl. .nav/.inf correction) New: Sorting mode stored in .ini file New: Reversed sorting by date (newest are top now) New: Go live on browser's "Play" key, if recording New: Stay in browser window for radio replays New: Show infobox after screen capture New: Show infobox during script execution Some optical improvements (full size windows) v4.20 26. 9.2016 New: Resume playback on "Play" key New: Blue instant info area in file browser New: File browser headline style (icons, clock) New: Opt. list subdirectories details (#items / size) New: File browser key help area (if free) /w icons New: Key icons in all help windows v4.15 17. 9.2016 New: Play MP4, MPG and AVI (DivX) files New: Start / stop TAPs, show running TAPs colored New: List of running TAPs in Infos & Tools sub-window New: Show TAP info in file browser (Info key) Inhibit start of AcadeRC, if already running Ok on recording file replays timeshifted from start New: Show size and #bookmarks in EPG infos New: Sunrise / sunset times in Infos & Tools New: Local time - UTC time difference (via ntp) New: External IP address, geo location, timezone v4.11 29. 8.2016 New: Execute .sh scripts and show output (AR key) New: Execute optional script at startup New: Show binary files as hex dump (AR key) New: Added support for TMSCommander (Menu, Stop, Event) New: Browser / viewer: Added V+/V- to move by page Text viewer: Added Teletext key to go back in history Text viewer: Native Teletext requires < 0.5" 2nd press Prefixes for screen capture files (tap_, ttx_, video_) v4.10 25. 8.2016 New: Show EPG infos in viewer / browser (Guide key) New: Correct bad times (year 2000) of .rec/inf files New Statistics: Components calls and key presses New Sys. Infos: Model, Type, FW, OS, CPU, MEM, HD, MAC, IP File browser: Sorting moved from Teletext to Subtitle File browser: Teletext now calls text viewer / replay info New: Show EPG infos and time of files being recorded New: Stop recording of selected browser file (Stop) New: File browser: 0 swaps with root directory New: File browser: Move by [123]0 / 4..9 lines Enter replay directory on Recall, if replay active Select replay file automatically in this directory v4.01 30. 7.2016 New: Support GIF files (requires Update) Fix: Basic infos of image files were hidden Image viewer: Changed Toggle Headline key to Subtitle Text viewer: Subtitle key toggles begin/end URL display New: Determine file type by content (and by extension) v4.00 26. 7.2016 Display HTML documents and hyperlinks in text viewer Download hyperlinked files via HTTP or HTTPS protocol Download wget/lynx.mips via built-in Update function Record text viewer history and move in it Record text viewer bookmarks in special HTML file Create some newspaper bookmark links at startup Create symlinks for /mnt/sdb1 and /mnt/sdb2 Changed calendar call key binding in Infos & Tools Create directories (green F2 key) in file browser Check for files in use corrected, red/yellow color Stop playback .mp3/.rec/.ts files corrected / added All warning type info boxes timeout automatically now v3.40 30. 5.2016 New: Optional direct entry keys to Browser/Viewer/Infos New: F3 (yellow key) to move files into folders New: Fav key in browser recalls HOME and current directory New: Screenshots of TV, Teletext and TAPs into /Captures New: Show JPG comments, display correct image ratios New: Show BMP, GIF, JPG and PNG graphics files and infos New: Show MP3 infos and ID3 tag in browser info Calculator moved from TAP menu into Infos & Tools New: Buffered text read function (large files faster) New: Logging in some error situations (acaderc.log) v3.32 2. 5.2016 Update downloads to /ProgramFiles/0**_acaderc_tms.tap Recording files coloring, no date, warning boxes Left/Right in text viewer (docs within dir.) New: Image viewer with navigation and capture v3.31 1. 5.2016 Fix: Infoboxes had messed title line color New: JPG files supported v3.30 30. 4.2016 New: Base level help box (TAP key + Mute) Help box omitted for Left/Right in text viewer Delete files and directories in file browser Free HDD size in file browser title line Full path in text viewer title line Home document for text viewer (F1 / Fav) Text viewer entry (tapkey + Teletext) Swap with DataFiles in file browser (Recall) Info key in file browser about directory Info about .inf/rec files in file browser v3.20 20. 4.2016 New: File browser with text viewer (TMS only) New: Calendar (1583 - 3000), 4 months per page Fix: Onscreen texts improved and extended v3.10 6. 4.2016 New: Optionally disable original RCU New: Font selection, normal / bold New: Update online descriptions v3.00 31. 3.2016 New: Language selection, German / English New: Online description (this documentation) New: Statistics infos about toppy usage v2.30 20. 3.2016 First release in English Fix: Cleanup TAP menu Last tiny version (without text viewer etc.) v2.20 18. 6.2015 New: Alternative TAP key "TvSat" New: Optional start mode "Listen" New: Optional update download Last 5K version tested by Acade
What is AcadeRC able to do? --------------------------- General Many payload lines (24/20) Good contrast and readability Color scheme for better visualization Normal and (optional) large letter font English and German (selectable) Help windows and texts, with icons No database required for file system Support for TMSCommander TAP Menu Settings Show key codes Check online update Integrated description Startup channel etc. File Browser [Optional direct call with just 1 key] Navigate within directory tree List subdirectories and files Sort listing by selectable criteria Walk through subdirectories recursively Show details about all file types Open/start/stop files depending on type Show text files in text viewer Show image files in image viewer Start and stop TAPs Start and stop TV recordings Media files (MP3, MP4, MPG, AVI) Playback 5K recordings Direct keys for important directories DataFiles Root directory / HOME directory (selectable) Change back, if key pressed again Delete files and directories Create new directories Move files and directories Rename files and directories Search files and directories Reconstruct .inf files from .rec content Correct bad .rec/inf file times Links for /mnt/sdb1 and /mnt/sdb2 in / Text Viewer [Optional direct call with just 1 key] Show plain text and PDF files Show HTML files (with hyperlinks) Download web pages (HTTP and HTTPS) Show EPG infos of recorded files Show current EPG info details Show codecs of .rec and media files Show hexdump of binary files Save displayed text to file Show details about displayed text Change to next / previous file Change within history of documents Show / set HOME document Set / call / delete bookmarks for documents Search text strings Edit mode Image Viewer [Call by file browser or text viewer] Show BMP, GIF, PNG and JPG files Show next / previous image Show JPEG comments Show meta-informations Web Browser [Integrated in text viewer] Predefined newspaper bookmarks Enter link (URL) for webpage Lookup Wikipedia or Startpage Musicplayer [Integrated in file browser] Play complete .mp3 directories Recursive directory playlist Play .m3u/.pls playlists Shuffle and repeat modes Download & view MP3 lyrics Simple EPG List available channels List current programmes List set timers Start channel replay Start instant recording Stop channel's recording Infos & Tools [Optional direct call with just 1 key] Usage statistics (starts and runtime) Last switch ON/OFF Keys statistics / AcadeRC Geo location and timezone Sunrise / sunset, day's length Moon phases (next new/full moon) HDDs infos (partitions, SMART etc.) List of running TAPs System Informations PVR facts Software versions CPU and memory infos Harddisk infos MAC and IP addresses Signal strength and quality Number of channels (TV and radio) [Call by Infos & Tools] Calendar Overview of 4 months per page Simple navigation Years 1583 - 3000 Show easter and pentecost dates [Call by Infos & Tools] Calculator 4 base operations Operation by cursor keys [Call by Infos & Tools] Trim Function Cut off ends of TV recordings Correct associated .nav/.inf files Simple and exact operation Screencapture Function Screenshots of TV and TV recordings S. of media files (MP4, MPG, AVI) S. of video / tele text S. of TAP windows S. of all AcadeRC windows Shell Scripts [Call by file browser] Execute .sh files via Linux bash Execute MIPS binaries ending on .sh Show output in text viewer Execute at TAP start Execute at TAP stop Keycode Remapping Replace missing Fav key (TP501) Replace missing VF key (TP006) Turns a keycode into another code Disables a key completely, too Optional sub-/state/playmode conditions Remote Control Interception Continue to use old 5K remote control units Use any other Topfield TMS remote control Remap cursor keys as volume / channel keys Remap color keys to encode original RCU keys Use replacement and original RCU simultaneously Control multiple Topfield PVRs with only 1 RCU
Installation ------------ The TAP shall be copied to the AutoStart folder as alphabetically first TAP, so it is the first TAP to be started (name e.g. 000_acaderc_tms.tap). This is essential for passing remapped keycodes to the system and other TAPs. For testing or only rare use however, the TAP may as well be started from an arbitrary folder, e.g. ProgramFiles. All the other accompanying files belong to ProgramFiles/Settings/AcadeRC. It is strongly recommended to call the menu's "Update" function (see below) after the TAP's installation (by TapToDate especially) to ensure the latest version and its required components. For owners of old 5K toppies and for those, who only need the Remote Control Interception functions, the last tiny and 5K version ( is included.
Operation --------- As usual, the TAP is started manually or from the AutoStart folder. The "TAP key" is by default the "Sat" key (optionally the "TvSat" key). After starting, the TAP key (FOLLOWED by a second key) is used to control the TAP, the original meaning of the TAP key can be retained by pressing it twice. Combining the TAP key with a second key, the respective TAP functions are being called (mostly in own TAP sub-windows), e.g. the TAP menu. Any TAP sub-window will be closed by pressing the "Exit" key. In most TAP sub-windows, there are the following common special keys: TvRadio: Toggle font size Audio: Toggle language Sleep: Screen capture of active window Mute / other unused keys: Show key binding help text Some keys may be missing on some RCUs. In this case, they may just have different names (maintaining the same key code) AR (Aspect Ratio) = Uhf (5K) TvSat (SCART-Input) = Aux (Eco) = M (SRP 2100 / 2410) or they are really missing and may be replaced by AcadeRC: Fav (Favourites) = TAP key + Play (for SRP 2100 / 2410, TP501) VF (Video Format) = TAP key + Pause (for 5K, TP006)
TAP Windows ----------- This is an overview of "key => window" transitions: Top Level (outside any TAP or system window) TAP Key + Mute => Main Help TAP Key + Menu => AcadeRC Menu Ok on "Show Description" => Text Viewer Ok on "Show Key Codes" => Key Codes Ok on "Show System Infos" => System Infos TAP Key + Filelist or Direct File Key => File Browser Ok on text file Teletext => Text Viewer Ok on image file => Image Viewer Menu => AcadeRC Menu VFormat => Infos & Tools Guide => EPG List TAP Key + Teletext or Direct Text Key => Text Viewer Ok on image link => Image Viewer TAP Key + Info or Direct Info Key => Infos & Tools < => System Infos ^ => Harddisk Infos v => About Infos > => Calendar Ok => Calculator Ttx => TAPs List TAP Key + Guide => EPG List
TAP Menu -------- Enter the TAP menu by "TAP key" + "Menu" (default "Sat" FOLLOWED by "Menu"), navigate there by "Up / Down", change values by "Left / Right", press "Ok" to open a sub-window and "Exit" to leave again. The menu items: ================ > Language = [English/German] > Font Size = [Normal/Bold] ---------------- > Startup = [Normal/Muted/Paused] > Start Channel = [[-]0-1000] ---------------- > TAP Key = [Sat/TvSat] > Files Key = [indirect/Filelist/Ok] > Text Key = [indirect/Teletext] > Infos Key = [indirect/Info/Subtitle] ---------------- > TF = [PVR type] > RC = [RCU type] > Orig. RC = [Enable/Disable] > IR Filter = [Off/On] > Ch / Vol = [On/Off] > Select ID = [0-9] > Start Mode = [Deaf/Listen] ---------------- Save & Exit Menu ================ > Max. Files = [1000..20000] > Max. Text = [5000..100000] ---------------- > Sorting = [By Date etc.] > MP3 Mode = [Shuffle etc.] > TAP+Stop = [Disabled/Stop TAPs/PVR Off] > Logging = [Off/On] ---------------- > Location = @@ ... ---------------- Check Update Show Description Show System Infos Show Harddisk Infos Show Key Codes Terminate TAP ================ Display settings: "Language =" selects the language used throughout the TAP. "Font Size =" selects the font size used throughout the TAP. Startup settings: These settings are only effective, if AcadeRC is starting as 1st TAP in AutoStart. "Startup =" may put the receiver into "Muted" or "Paused" (timeshifting) mode after booting. "Start Channel =" selects the channel number to start with. Negative channel numbers refer to radio channels (absolute value) and a zero value means "channel at last power-off". Key settings: "TAP Key =" selects the TAP key ("Sat" or "TvSat"). It is active immediately after "Save & Exit Menu". The default is "Sat". "File Key =" enables a direct entry key to the file browser (instead of the indirect "TAP key" + "Filelist"). "Filelist" or "Ok" may be selected. "Text Key =" enables a direct entry key to the text viewer (instead of the indirect "TAP key" + "Teletext"). Only "Teletext" may be selected. "Info Key =" enables a direct entry key to "Infos & Tools" (instead of the indirect "TAP key" + "Info"). "Subtitle" or "Info" may be selected. Remote control settings: "TF =" (not needed on 5K) selects the target PVR type, "RC =" selects a (replacement) remote control type (may be same as PVR). At both menu items, the effective IR Filter mode is indicated [M.*]. "Orig. RC =" disables / enables the original RCU's IR signals. "IR Filter" must be turned ON only, if PVR and RCU are different, i.e. if you want to use a replacement RCU. "Ch / Vol =" controls the cursor mapping (only needed for TMS types, the 5K has no extra keys for Ch/Vol and uses the cursor keys). "Select ID =" is the unique identification number (1-9) of the device, if multiple receivers are controlled by only 1 remote control (see below). If not equal 0, the device can only be accessed again (after "Save & Exit" and after every restart of the PVR or the TAP) by "TAP key" + "ID/0". "Start Mode =" defines the start behaviour of the TAP, if a "Select ID" (1-9) was set: "Deaf" is the default as described below (not selected after restarts), "Listen" is a special user request (always selected after restarts). Save & Exit: All settings are stored in a file ProgramFiles/Settings/AcadeRC/acaderc.ini as soon as you select the menu item "Save & Exit", otherwise the values at the time of entering the menu are retained. Limit settings: Due to the limited available system memory (ca. 30 MB) and the relatively low processor speed (ca. 400 MHz) is it necessary to limit some TAP parameters to keep it well operable and prevent it from getting too slow: "Max. Files" sets the max. number of files in the file browser's list of files. The value may range from 1000 to 20000, its default is 2000 files per directory, which should be quite sufficient. "Max. Text" sets the max. number of lines in the text viewer. The value may range from 5000 to 100000, its default is 10000 lines per document. After changing one or both of these values (with Save & Exit), the TAP must be restarted to make the new setting effective. Special settings: "TAP+Stop = Stop TAPs" enables a key sequence TAP key + 'Stop' to stop all running TAPs (except AcadeRC itself). "TAP+Stop = PVR Off" additionally powers the receiver off using this sequence. So you can switch off without using the Power buttun. This is interesting with a SelectID (see below) to power off only 1 receiver. "Logging =" switches on/off additional output to the logfile (acaderc.log). Special functions: "Check Update" checks via network connection, whether a newer version of AcadeRC, its description or other components are available. If so, they are downloaded to Settings/AcadeRC and 0**_acaderc_tms.tap is stored in the ProgramFiles folder, *** being an incremental number. Some auxiliary programs (*.mips) are needed e.g. for special functions like codecs listing, HTTP download or HTML and PDF display. "Show Key Codes" displays the hexadecimal RCU codes as they arrive without any changes in the receiver for the TAPs. "Show Description" displays this documentation in the text viewer. "Terminate TAP" ends execution of the TAP.
Line Editor ----------- A general input window (with permanent history) for these tasks: * Rename files and directories * Search files and directories * Search strings in text viewer * Edit lines in text documents * Enter links (URL) for web pages * Search in Wikipedia or Startpage Character input is done in SMS style, operation is intuitive.
File Browser ------------ Use the file browser to inspect filesystem directories and to display or start their files. By "TAP key" + "Filelist" or an optional direct key (default "Ok") you are entering the file browser. Help text there is available by any unused key and the "Mute" key, which is reserved for this purpose. These are the sub-window's special keys: v ^ << >> |< >| V+ V-: Navigate in list <: Enter parent directory >: Enter selected/next directory Ok: View / start file / enter directory Play: Resume replay / MP3 playlist Stop: Stop selected file Slow: EPG infos about file or live TV via rectool TAP key + Slow: Additionally reconstruct .inf file AR: Execute .sh / View codecs or hex dump 4: Change to/from MediaFiles directory 5: Change to/from MP3Files directory 6: Change to/from AcadeRC directory 7: Change to/from DataFiles directory 8: Change to/from PlayList directory 9: Change to/from ProgramFiles directory 0: Change to/from root directory Recall: Change to/from replay directory Fav: Change to/from HOME directory TAP key + F1: Set current directory as new HOME F1 2x < 0.5": Clear / mark all multiple selected F1 (Red): Toggle file's / dir.'s multiple selection mark F2 (Green): Create a new directory (nnnn) F3 (Yellow): Move marked selection to this directory F4 (Blue): Delete file or directory Record: Copy marked selection to this directory TAP key + Record: Show copy status / cancel / clear >|< (White): Rename file or directory Sat [2x]: Search file or directory Info: Show details about file or directory TAP key + Info: Recursive directory listing Aux (TvSat, M): Toggle mode (subdir. details, shuffle etc.) Subtitle: Sort by name / date / size / incl. ALL files Teletext: Call text viewer (last document) Guide: Show EPG infos (nav. with cursor keys) Menu: Open menu (settings etc.) VFormat: Change into Infos & Tools Filelist: Call original filer By default, the file browser's listing of files and directories is sorted alphabetically and is displayed without files of some extensions (.inf, .nav, .bak and .db3). The "Subtitle" key changes the sorting mode (by size, time) and may also disable the extensions filter. This temporary sorting mode can be made permanent within the menu. The "Info" key within the file browser deserves some special comments: On directories, it starts a complete tree search of all files and sub-directories contained herein and displays the result: Number of levels, sub-directories and files, as well as occupied harddisk space. TAP key + Info generates a recursive directory listing as text file. On .rec/.ts files, it uses the text viewer to show their EPG event text, which is seen here as a normal text file, that can be stored. On image files, it shows their size and, if given, the JPEG comment. On .mp3 files, it shows their parameters and ID3v1 tag, if present. If a lyrics server is available via internet, its response is preferred. "Slow" key ... @@ To have quick access to important directories (e.g. DataFiles), there are several mechanisms: A HOME directory may be set by TAP key + "F1 (Red)" and be entered by the "Fav" key. The "Fav" key toggles back to the previous directory, if you are already in HOME. For the current replay directory (usually DataFiles or any other), the "Recall" key is reserved permanently. The above mentioned toggling mechanism applies to it as well. For other directories, the digit keys in the above list are reserved. The AR key displays the codecs and streams of a video file: NOTES on replaying old 5K recordings: The header of these files is modified to get a pure TS stream, that can be replayed normally. @@ NOTES on copying of files and directory trees: @@
Text Viewer ----------- Enter the text viewer either from the file browser by pressing "Ok" on a text or HTML file (any non-binary file) or by "TAP key" + "Teletext" (or an optional direct key). In the latter case, the last shown document is presented again. If no file has been shown yet, the HOME document is displayed, defaulting to the bookmarks file. These are the sub-window's special keys: v ^ : Move by lines << >> : Move by pages (also with V+ V-) |< >| : Move to begin / end of file < > : Select link or change document P- P+ or |> > : Back / forward in history Ok: Load selected link / Enter edit mode AR: Enter link (URL) for webpage download Aux (TvSat, M): Lookup Wikipedia / Startpage Fav: Change to HOME document F1 (Red): Set current document as new HOME F2 (Green): Bookmark current document F3 (Yellow): Show bookmarks as new document F4 (Blue): Delete selected link from bookmarks Sat [2x]: Search text string >|< (White): Search text string again Recall: Reload current document Record: Store document formatted as .text Info: Show details about the text Subtitle: Toggle begin/end of URL display Teletext: Call native teletext (within 0.5s) Guide: Show EPG infos (nav. with cursor keys) The original Teletext will be called after opening the text viewer, if the "Teletext" key is pressed within 0.5 seconds. Otherwise, the "Teletext" key leads back in the documents' history to the previous document (same as the "P-" key). If a replay is running while the text viewer is being opened directly, the replay file's EPG infos are shown as new document. To have quick access to important documents (e.g. Bookmarks.html), there are two mechanisms: A HOME document may be set by "F1 (Red)" and be opened by the "Fav" key. However, there is no toggling mechanism as in the file browser. Instead, there is a text viewer history, available by "P-" and "P+". For the Bookmarks.html document, the "F3 (Yellow)" key is reserved permanently. "F2 (Green)" appends a new bookmark to it," F4 (Blue)" deletes a selected link from the bookmarks list. Edit mode: @@
Image Viewer ------------ The image viewer is entered either from the file browser by pressing "Ok" on an image file or by an "Ok" on a HTML image link within the text viewer. Currently supported image formats: BMP, GIF, JPG and PNG. These are the sub-window's special keys: < > : Move to previous / next image v ^ : Move to previous / next image (same) << >> : Move by 10 images |< >| : Move to first / last image Info: Show details about the image Subtitle: Toggle headline content
Web Browser ----------- Actually, the web browser is just a special mode within the text viewer that has been enabled to show HTML documents with hyperlinks and to download files from the internet over the HTTP[S] protocol. All downloads are stored in /WebCache and may be redisplayed even without an internet connection. Entry documernt is a bookmark file /WebCache/Bookmarks.html, that is created and predefined, if not yet existing. Alternative bookmark files, e.g. from your PC's Firefox may be copied there and be used in parallel. Bookmarks.html may be opened (F3 = Yellow key) in the text viewer at any time and be appended (F2 = Green key) with a link to the current document, including its line position. At the moment, Bookmarks.html can be edited at your PC only. Currently it's (not yet) possible to enter an URL manually. Another way to download and open files from the internet is via the file browser. An "Ok" on a sub-folder within /WebCache gets the main document of e.g. and displays it in the text viewer. For how to operate the web browser, see the text viewer's key legend. External auxiliary programs are required for HTML display and HTTP[S] download (lynx, wget), these can be obtained via the TAP's "Update" function (see Menu).
Music Player ------------ Within the file browser, you can press "Play" on a .mp3 file to play this and all subsequent (or with navigation also the preceeding) files in the same directory. An "Ok" in this directory also continues playback there, but pressed in another directory, only its selected file will be played and then playing of the previous directory will be resumed. If a playlist (.pls or .m3u) is selected, "Ok" displays its content in the text viewer (as this happens to all text files). "Play", however, starts the replay of the contained MP3 files. These files (possibly distributed through all directories of the file system) are symbolically linked to a new directory /PlayList (not copied physically!), so that you can navigate in the playlist and skip or repeat songs etc. The /PlayList directory is managed by AcadeRC and is not allowed to be changed or even deleted by other TAPs etc. (data loss is guaranteed, if other TAPs are following the symlinks during deletion). The paths of the MP3s in the playlist must be relative to the location of the playlist itself, so you must not have a '/' or '\' at the beginning of a line. Comment lines are indicated by a '#' at the beginning of a line. Pressing "Play" on a directory links all its MP3 files (even recursively) into /PlayList (symbolically) and starts to replay them. After starting a replay (no matter whether .mp3, .rec or .mpg etc.), pressing the "Recall" key within the file browser leads always to the current playback directory, i.e. to /PlayList in the case of replaying a playlist. With the file browser in /PlayList, the Aux (TvSat, M) key selects an MP3 replay mode (will be stored as default, if you Save & Exit the Menu): Shuffle mode (endless or single) and Repeat mode (one file or all of the list) may be selected. Pressing "Play" within /PlayList jumps to the next file. Even outside of the file browser (when the CD logo and the ID3 infos of the MP3 file being played is visible) navigation in the playlist / playback directory is possible: Pressing >| resp. |< jumps to the next resp. previous MP3 file. "Stop" finishes the playback. Regardless of whether a selected MP3 file is currently being replayed, pressing the "Info" key within the filebrowser will download, permanently store (in /WebCache) and finally display the lyrics of a song from a lyrics server via internet. Once saved, there is no internet access needed anymore for re-viewing. Song title and artist name are retrieved from an MP3's ID3 tag (only v1 currently) and modified appropriately to pass them on to the lyrics server. Sometimes a title or artist is unknown (if it is e.g. incorrect), but possibly another link to the wanted text may be available in the then displayed HTML file for manual lookup.
Simple EPG ---------- The EPG is entered either from the file browser or text viewer by pressing "Guide" or by "TAP key" + "Guide" from outside of any TAP. There are 4 sub-windows: List of channels with their current programme List of programmes of a selected channel List of set timers for future recordings EPG details of a selected programme These are the sub-windows' special keys: << >> |< >| V+ V-: Navigate in window v ^ < >: Change channel / programme Guide, Info: Show detailed EPG infos Subtitle: Toggle view (Channels / Programmes) Teletext: Toggle view (Timers) TvRadio: Toggle service type (TV/Radio) Recall: Select live channel Ok: Start playing channel Record: Start instant recording Stop: Stop recording channel
Usage Statistics ---------------- This is the main function of "Infos & Tools". By "TAP key" + "Info" you can display statistics infos about toppy usage (starts and runtime, last On/Off time). Thereby, a PVR is considered as On only after a user has pressed a RCU key or chassis button, so that automatic starts e.g. by SmartEPG or other timers can't influence the data prematurely. When turning the PVR off while still recording, you should stop the TAP (via TAP menu) manually to prevent falsified statistics by userless ;-) activity. Additional information within the "Infos & Tools" sub-window: Number of key presses Geo location / timezone Sunset / sunrise Moon phases By pressing some special keys, the following sub-windows are available: < : Show System Infos ^ : Show Harddisk Infos v : Show About Infos > : Show Calendar Ok: Small Calculator Fav: Key Statistics Teletext: TAPs List Recall: Forum Infos
System Informations ------------------- Display various HW, SW and system informations: System ID / PVR Model STB Platform Firmware Version / Date Operating System CPU / [MHz] Memory [MB] Heap Capacities Harddisk Capacities Harddisk Model Harddisk Serno. MAC (Network Adapter) IP (Internet Address) Signal (Level / Quality) Channel Numbers (TV / Radio)
Harddisk Informations --------------------- Display partitions, general HDD infos and non-zero SMART values. If additional harddisks are connected (USB, eSATA), any other key press shows the infos of these disks (for USB devices only the partitions).
Key Statistics -------------- From within "Infos & Tools" (see above), press the Fav key to get into the detailed keys statistics. The table is sorted by keycodes. Values greater than 1/4 of the most frequently used key are highlighted, their sum is displayed in the upper right corner. Update: The sorting order may be changed by pressing the Fav key again: By the layout of the keys of a TP006 RCU (default), by the frequency of key presses per key and by the keycodes. To obtain correct statistical values, AcadeRC has to be started before any other TAPs processing key presses, of course. Automatic key repetition (key kept pressed) is counted only once. Note: This statistics is also working with TMSRemote and WebControl, if AcadeRC was started before these TAPs (should be anyway).
Forum Infos ----------- @@
Calender -------- Calendar (1583 - 3000), 4 months per page. These are the sub-window's special keys: < > : 1 Month back / forward ^ v : 4 Months back / forward << >> : 1 Year back / forward |< >| : 10 Years back / forward Ok: Current Month
Calculator ---------- Simple calculator for basic arithmetic operations (was an Easter egg once). In the calculator, you can enter digits (keys "0" - "9"), a decimal point ("Info" key), exponent entry (2nd "Info"), basic arithmetic operators (+ - * / by the cursor keys "Right" "Left" "Up" "Down") and "OK" to complete the computation. To backspace an item, press the "Recall" key. Operations can be chained, but without "*" "/" priority. If an operand is omitted, the last result is put in its place.
Trim Recordings --------------- To trim off the endings of TV recordings, AcadeRC provides a simple cut function: First, pause the replay of your recording at the position limiting your cut at one side. Then press "TAP key" + "|<" to cut from beginning or "TAP key" + ">|" to cut to the end of the file. The .rec's associated .inf and .nav files are corrected in order to reflect the changed duration time, start time (in the case of a cut from the file's beginning) and bookmarks.
Screenshot Function ------------------- By "TAP key" + "Sleep" you can capture screenshots of the current TV, MP4 etc., of videotext and of the sub-windows of other TAPs, at any time. The screenshots are stored in /Captures/PREFIX**.bmp. In AcadeRC sub-windows press "Sleep". PREFIXes are tap_, ttx_, video_ and acaderc_, depending on the capture source. Note: Video capture is only possible while the replay is running (not paused). AcadeRC must have been started before the other TAP, whose window to capture. This is the normal operation mode of AcadeRC anyway.
Shell Scripts ------------- In the file browser, the currently selected .sh file can be executed with the AR key. Because such script files contain pure text (Linux commands), you can display their content at any time with the Ok key. After their execution, the output of the contained commands is stored in a ".sh (output)" file and is displayed automatically. These output files are retained until you delete them. If you have an and/or an file in ProgramFiles/Settings/AcadeRC, these will be executed automatically, when the TAP is started / stopped, respectively. Their output will be written in their respective output file. Since v4.88, the internal update function (see menu) may also download some prefabricated, generally useful script files into an AcadeRC subdirectory. These include 2 files and, which make it possible to execute more than 1 script files in the subdirectories Autostart or Autostop. Their actions must be initiated by the user himself in any case. Among the prefabricated script files are: - to rename .rec files (for example in lost + found) - to mount Samba shares (for Autostart) - to start the telnet service (for Autostart) - to display the currently mounted file systems - to display the currently running Linux processes - to show a (recursive) listing of /ProgFiles
Keycode Remapping ----------------- Preliminary remarks (independent of the rest of this chapter): 1. Remapping of the cursor keys into Vol/Ch +/- is already done by default (see chapter "Remote Control Interception"), this may be disabled. 2. The TP501's (SRP 2100/2410 RCU) missing Fav key is being simulated by a key sequence TAP key + 'Play' at any time. 3. The TP006's (5K RCU) missing VF key is being simulated by a key sequence TAP key + 'Pause' at any time. The optional remapping of keys is performed according to the definitions in "" (to be found in ProgramFiles/Settings/AcadeRC). This file is generated (empty, but with comments), if not yet existing. The content of "" follows this syntax rules (examples): {key_code} [target_code] [conditions] # comment ------------ --------------- --------------- --------------- 0x1001a PM0 # suppress Pause key during live TV 0x10050 0x10022 # restore the portal "M" key to TvSat in AUS The amount of whitespace characters (spaces and tabs) has no effect. Optional fields may appear in any order after the first key code field. Lines contradicting the syntax are simply ignored. Key codes are specified in hexadecimal (no symbols) and are all listed with their names as comments in the initial "". A missing target code suppresses the specified key. Key remapping may be made dependent on some conditions. If there is more than one condition for a rule, they must be true simultaneously. Any rule may contain only one condition of the same type a) - c) (see below): a) ST* state condition, the most important: ST0 normal state (outside of TAPs and system) ST1 system menu ST2 system EPG ST4 system teletext ST6 system filer ST7 TAP OSD b) SS* more than 100 substates, e.g.: SS34 favorites list SS36 audio selector c) PM* playmode condition (replay of recordings): PM0 no replay PM2 normal replay PM3 timeshift replay PM5 MP3 replay Conditions may be prefixed by a ! character for inversion. The 1st matching rule is being applied. After changes to "", the TAP must be restarted to make the new rules effective.
Remote Control Interception --------------------------- This was originally the TAPs prime function. Swapping my old TF 5000 PVR ("5K") for a new SRP 2401 CI+ ("TMS"), I wanted to keep the 5K remote control unit for the TMS and I also wanted to be able to control both receivers with this one RCU simultaneously, so I wrote this TAP. The TAP's goal is to remap a different Topfield RCU's keycodes to a device's native keycodes, so you can use the original and a "replacement" RCU at the same time (or only one of them) with all available keys and same functionality. Currently, RCUs of these PVRs can be replaced by each other: TF 5000, TMS 2100, SRP 2410, SRP 2401 (incl. Eco); CRP 2401 not tested. Every receiver should be completely controllable with other TF RCUs. IMPORTANT: Prerequisite for the use of a replacement remote control is the activation of the respective filters in the IR receiver of the PVR ("TF=", "RC=" and "IR Filter" must be set explicitly in the TAP menu). FireBird's "RemoteSwitch" TAP is not required anymore :D These are the sub-features: 1. Recoding the cursor keys By default, the 4 cursor keys are remapped to "Channel / Volume" "Up / Down" keys, this behaviour can be switched off in the TAP menu. While in menus or other TAPs, the cursor keys keep working as usual. 2. Recoding the color keys Depending on the selection in the TAP menu (TF/RC), the 4 color keys ("Red" "Green" "Yellow" "Blue"), the "White" and the "Fav" key (if available) of a replacement remote control are recoded correctly for the target device. (But unfortunately, the color keys of TMS RCUs don't work on 5K PVRs.) 3. Simultaneous use of replacement and original remote control Since the above remappings could (unintendedly) also affect the original RCU (that should still be usable in parallel), the affected original key codes remain available by prefixing the TAP key before these keys. The original remote control can be deactivated in the TAP menu. 4. Controlling multiple Topfield receivers with only 1 remote control The icing: If you have several receivers, you can assign a unique "Select ID" (1-9) to each one in its TAP menu. Afterwards, the respective PVR is accessible again after selection by "TAP key" + "1-9", all other receivers (with different "Select ID") will then ignore any key presses, until they are selected. "TAP key" + "0" is a general key to make all waiting receivers responsive again (e.g. if you have forgotten a receiver's ID). By default, this feature is turned off ("Select ID = 0" in the TAP menu). Unfortunately, the remote control's power key can not be caught by the TAP, you should therefore switch on and off your PVRs by their chassis power buttons in order not to put all other receivers into their opposite ON/OFF state, too. But since v4.89 there is the "TAP+Stop" setting (see above) to power-off.
Troubleshooting --------------- In the case of any failure, an error message may be appended to a logfile within the folder ProgramFiles/Settings/AcadeRC, acaderc.log. A "Logging = On" setting (see menu) yields even more messages. With enabled "Select ID", it can happen (inaccurate or disturbed RCU signal), that during unlocking "TAP key" + "ID", one of the two key presses doesn't reach the PVR and the receiver remains unselected. In this case, simply press an arbitrary additional key before retrying the selection sequence. If something goes really wrong with this TAP: Start your Toppy without TAPs from the AutoStart folder (keep the "0" key pressed while powering on). Since the IR filter setting is retained in standby, the receiver must, in the case of incorrect settings (neither TF= nor RC= correspond to an available remote control), be started not only without AcadeRC, but must first be made powerless (plug off, switch off) for a few seconds to let it forget the offending IR filter setting. Then you can use the original RCU to start your Toppy without AcadeRC and remove the acaderc.ini file from ProgramFiles/Settings/AcadeRC (or delete even the whole AcadeRC folder) to get rid of the erroneous settings.
Final Remarks ------------- As separate parts, the above features may already be contained in other TAPs, but AcadeRC is distinctive by consistently simple operation and configuration, appropriate combination of functions and additional features. The TAP was programmed very carefully and tested thoroughly. However, I can not guarantee its correct functioning, use it at your own risk. Have fun with AcadeRC! Ciao, Acade